Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baufix is for parents

Hey kids,

I know what you're thinking - I thought Carl & Me was all about toys for kids, not grown ups! Well you're right and I absolutely love playing with these construction sets but there is an added bonus. You can ask your parents to help and before you know it, they're engrossed in the manual and eager to finish it so that they can be admired for their skills. Whilst they are doing this, you can slip away unnoticed to read a book or to watch Noggin or to simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Because I wanted to write about Baufix, I actually hung out with my Dad to build some of the models in the Starter Set 10 kit. A strange name really because there are instructions for 11 models. I picked out and counted the pieces needed for each page and Dad put them together for me. The instructions use only pictures, no words, so my Dad didn't have any trouble putting them together and I used the wooden spanner to tighten everything up once he finished. We made a helicopter, crane, motorcycle, airplane and a flying-wagon-wheely-thingy that I kind of made up in my head.

There are 88 pieces in this set but if you really want to watch a whole movie without your parents interfering, you might want to get the Baufix Master Set 50 - there are 293 pieces in that one!

See you when I open the next box!